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Lambert Trucking 1994 Ltd offers trailer rentals in Medicine Hat. We’ve have been renting out trailers for customers located in Alberta and Saskatchewan for over 25 years now. Whether you need a trailer for a year or just a day, you’re sure to love our competitive pricing. We have a variety of trailer types to accommodate your needs. Currently, we have around 20 units on-site, but we can have the resources to rent as many as required.


Whether you need more space for cold storage or your freezers have stopped working, we have a fleet that is well-maintained and suitable for whatever task you can ask of them. If you’re looking to offload any additional products or have items that don’t fit into your current warehouse, look no further than Lambert Trucking 1994 Ltd. We have got the right storage trailer rental options for you.

Also, we have cold storage for farm produce, catering, floral and other purposes. We have a wide range of trailer sizes that are equipped with refrigerated units. Whether you’re hauling your recreational vehicle across the region or just moving your office supplies across town, contact Lambert Trucking 1994 Ltd today.


Looking for storage trailers for rent in Medicine Hat? Look no further than Lambert Trucking 1994 Ltd.

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